Two Copyblogger Plugins In the Trial

Premise and Scribe | Testing Copyblogger, Inc. Plugins

I am testing Premise from CopyBlogger on the site to see if the plugin causes any problems with the newer versions of WordPress 3.6 and Genesis 2.0 using the Lifestyle theme. The installation of Premise from Copyblogger seems to be working. I have yet to create a landing page with the new installation. But most often when a plugin is going to cause trouble, that problem comes with activation and not with the use.  Premise has a dynamic landing page element that includes the opportunity to design specific style sheets and a collection of graphics along with advice about content.

There is also a membership component that is uncomplicated for the user, but has a pretty stiff learning curve for the installer. The membership component includes membership with varied levels of access and an e-commerce facet that permits members to purchase information or pay membership dues. You can use this link to check out the possibilities of Premise.Premise for WordPress

The other Copyblogger plugin that I’m testing in the installation of the new platform and frame versions is Scribe. Scribe is a copywriting software option that permits users to test content for SEO and keywords always staying in rhythm with the changes occurring in the major search engines. There is an onsite link to test a given number evaluations of post or page content with some recommendations. I have run several of these checks on other sites using Scribe and it is not a ‘feel good’ system. It tells me what is going on in no uncertain terms. The system will also research for better ways to find keywords to fit your topic and the content of the website.

If it is not feasible to install the software at the dashboard, there is an online resource where users may check the content and get an evaluation.

I have run one evaluation on this page, but because of the experimental state, using the test content as well as my opinions and information about the Copyblogger plugins, the process is distorted. The Site Score for the topics and keywords was only 50 because there is little information available and there is little connection with other content on the site (not very much content at all). The Page Score was 100 because there are outgoing links and I’ve followed other best practices for SEO on the main keywords of ‘copyblogger’ and  ‘plugins’ the two main focus items on the content. The reading level is rated fairly difficult. Before I added links and made some changes, including deleting the default content that comes with the two column code, the evaluation was more “Are you nuts? MUCH LOWER. Back to the point of the paragraph and column, Scribe. You can use this link to check out the potential of the service Scribe can offer you. Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time

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