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Big Black Chickens who are stealing food from a bucket. They also like popcorn. They are good birds. They are beautiful and friendly. They are not mean.

Big Black Chickens who are stealing food from a bucket. They also like popcorn. They are good birds. They are beautiful and friendly. They are not mean.

Adam Hommey Shares WP Plugin Tip

Adam Hommey's Tuesday Tech

Adam Hommey’s Tuesday Tech

In a recent post for the Tuesday Tech list, Adam Hommey of shared a video tip about the Drop Shadow Boxes plugin for WordPress.  The shadow boxes are certainly dramatic and highly refined for customization. I would like more control over the font color, but these are quick boxes and there is a possibility I have missed the font aspect.  Otherwise, I’ll work with what I have. Too many cute things like font colors and links could dilute the effectiveness because of the temptation for overuse.

The option to add a box is part of the dashboard for both pages and posts.  The plugin was last updated on 7/21/13 and appears to be working very well in the previews.

Adam Hommey shared this Drop Shadow Plugin as a marketing tool to emphasize information without complicated coding.
These boxes are testing the WordPress 3.6 version along with Genesis 2.0 on the Eleven 40 theme.



This is the gallery

Big Black Coffee

Big, Black Cup of Black Coffee

Big, Black Cup of Black Coffee

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Vintage Starbucks Coffee Mug

Vintage Starbucks coffee mug.

Vintage Starbucks coffee mug.

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