Adam Hommey Shares WP Plugin Tip

Adam Hommey's Tuesday Tech

Adam Hommey’s Tuesday Tech

In a recent post for the Tuesday Tech list, Adam Hommey of shared a video tip about the Drop Shadow Boxes plugin for WordPress.  The shadow boxes are certainly dramatic and highly refined for customization. I would like more control over the font color, but these are quick boxes and there is a possibility I have missed the font aspect.  Otherwise, I’ll work with what I have. Too many cute things like font colors and links could dilute the effectiveness because of the temptation for overuse.

The option to add a box is part of the dashboard for both pages and posts.  The plugin was last updated on 7/21/13 and appears to be working very well in the previews.

Adam Hommey shared this Drop Shadow Plugin as a marketing tool to emphasize information without complicated coding.
These boxes are testing the WordPress 3.6 version along with Genesis 2.0 on the Eleven 40 theme.